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Terms & Conditions

Local EPAC

Terms & conditions


The Employer and PA Communities site offers a service designed to help individual Employers find and engage Individuals whom they can employ, in order to meet their support and care needs.


All arrangements made through this site are private arrangements made between Employers and their Employees.  We accept absolutely no responsibility for any issues arising from any employment discussions, negotiations or arrangements between any parties.


In Registering you are agreeing to use the site according to the following terms and conditions so that we can continue to provide a quality driven service to all our customers



The service is available for those individuals looking to employ a PA and for PAs looking to find employment.

You agree to provide a username and password

You agree to provide the information required to either post a position or advertise your CV

You agree to be responsible for removing a job advert or your availability for employment as appropriate


Accessing the service

Once registered

  • Those looking to employ a PA will be able to post a vacant position and/or search through all PAs showing as available and looking to be employed
  • Those looking to be employed as a PA will be able to post their CV and/or search through all vacant positions


Parties found to be using the site for purposes other than advertising jobs or their availability for work will be removed without notice


Parties found to be using inappropriate language and/or posting distressing images will be removed without notice


Parties found to be making a nuisance of themselves will be removed without notice


Safety and Compliments/Suggestions or Complaints

You agree that during your time with the Local EPAC, in all your dealings, you will positively promote the reputation of the service, avoiding any act which may bring it into disrepute.

You agree to notify us of any improper behaviour witnessed from other parties.

You agree to provide us with feedback on your experience of using the site and any outcomes to interviews/contacts made

If you have a complaint or suggestion about the site, or something to do with the quality or management of the service then you are asked to contact our Customer Services Department.

All complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with according to our complaints policy. You can request a copy of this policy by contacting Customer Services.